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Memorandums / Documentation


Self-Monitoring Instructions for Members (Low Risk exposures)

Self-Quarantine at Home Instructions for Members (Med/High Risk exposures)


Medical Director's Office Notes March 18, 2020


Memorandums - (Documents with information no longer up to date have been struck through)

4/7/20: Gen. Order 20-119 Surgical Masks in Response to COVID

4/3/20: Message from the Chief - COVID-19 Workman's Comp. and Quarantine 

4/3/20: Gen. Order 20-118 Employee Screening at Department Facilities

    Related: 20-118A Daily Screening Log

4/3/20: Memorandum 20-117 PPE, Disinfectant Products, and Supplies

4/3/20: Memorandum 20-116 Recommendations for Station Uniforms/Bedding

4/3/20: Gen. Order 20-115 In-Line Filters for Assisted Ventilation

    Related: 20-115A HFD Airway Filter Guideline

3/31/20: Memorandum 20-110 Texas Governor Executive Order

3/30/20: Memorandum 20-109 COVID-19 Exposure Flowchart

    Related: 20-109 Infection Control Pathway

3/27/20: Memorandum 20-107 Body Substance Isolation Distributions

    Related: 20-107A BSI log

3/26/20: Gen. Order 20-106 PPE and Patient Management (updated PPE recs)

3/25/20: Memorandum 20-105 COVID-19 Disinfecting the Fire Station and Apparatus

3/25/20: Memorandum 20-103 COVID-19 Overtime (OT Proc.)

    Related 20-103A COH Disaster Timesheet Updated

                20-103B Timesheet Guidance

3/23/20: Gen. Order No. 20-102 Exposure Reporting for Possible COVID-19

    Related 20-102A OnDuty Exposure FlowChart (replaced 3/30)

                20-102B OffDuty Exposure FlowChart (replaced 3/30)

3/23/20: Gen. Order No. 20-101 Worker's Compensation Reporting

3/20/20: Gen. Order 20-098 EMS Response Changes for COVID-19 (Disp. Changes)

3/20/20: Gen. Order 20-096 Patient Movement for COVID-19 (Protocol Change)

3/18/20: Gen. Order No. 20-093 REVISED Self-Monitoring Information Update

3/18/20: Memorandum No. 20-092 COVID-19 Criteria Update (Screening Criteria)

    Related: Medical Director's Office Notes March 18, 2020 (Screening Criteria)

3/13/20: Memorandum No. 20-087 Informational Update ( (Website Info)

3/13/20: Memorandum No. 20-086 ImageTrend Documentation Guide Coronavirus

3/12/20: Memorandum No. 20-085 Isolation/Quaratine Protocol

   Related: Medical Director's Office Notes March 12, 2020 [updated by Notes from March             18, 2020]

3/12/20: Memorandum No. 20-084 COVID-19 BSI Supplies

3/6/20: Memorandum No. 20-082 Patient Care Protocol Update (Intubation, Nebs, etc)

3/6/20: Memorandum No. 20-081 COVID-19 Update [updated by No. 20-092]

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